The Hibiscus Hotel is located in La Caletta in Siniscola, just a few meters from the hotel you can visit several beaches and thanks to walking distance port you can take a farry that makes cruises in the beautiful Gulf of Orosei, so spending an unforgettable day between the crystal clear waters of the creeks inontaminate, also rediscovering the beautiful caves of the Bue Marino or Caves of Fico, we announce some locations and activities that make your holiday unforgettable:


    • San Giovanni – 1,5 Km north
    • Su Tiriarzu – 4,5 km north
    • La Caletta – 600 metri south
    • Santa Lucia – 4 Km south
    • Capo Comino – 12 km south
    • Berchida – 19 km south
    • Oasi Biderosa – 22 km south

    Some Activities

    • Mountain Bike
    • Trekking
    • Snorkeling
    • Ferry Cruises
    • Kitesurf
    • Horse Riding

    Our Suggestions

    • Grotte di Ispinigoli 45 km south
    • Sorgente Su Gologone 55 km south
    • Orgosolo 60 km south


    The Gold Hook operating for several years in La Caetta, Fisheries tourist offshore, with three boats door to discover a sport that fascinates the lovers of the sea. The fishing camp ranges from Punta Timone island of Tavolara near Olbia until Cape Bella Vista in Santa Maria Navarrese. You fish snappers, amberjacks, Thunnidae, billfish and Groupers.Gold-Hook